The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the largest public funder of biomedical research in the world, investing more than $30 billion in taxpayer dollars to achieve its mission to enhance health, lengthen life, and reduce illness and disability. In pursuing this mission, NIH improves health by promoting treatment and prevention, contributes to society by driving economic growth and productivity, and expands the biomedical knowledge base by funding cutting-edge research and cultivating the biomedical workforce of today and tomorrow. 

Evidence of the varied, long-term impacts of NIH activities comes from a variety of sources, ranging from studies of individual diseases, to broader analyses of NIH as a whole. Explore the sections above to discover more about how NIH provides value for the public’s investment. 

Learn More About NIH 

  • NIH Home Page — learn how NIH and its 27 institutes and centers work 
  • NIH Director’s blog — The NIH Director discusses new discoveries and latest trends in biomedical research and medicine 
  • NIH Record — biweekly NIH newsletter that covers issues of significance to NIH staff, contractors, and trainees
  • Research Matters — weekly update of recent NIH research highlights 
  • NIH RePORT — reports, data, and analyses of NIH research activities 
  • NIH Clinical Trials — overview of NIH-funded clinical trials and how you can participate 
  • Celebration of Science: NIH Highlights — spotlighting remarkable advances from NIH-supported scientists 

NIH Grants and Proposal Resources

  • Grants & Funding — Useful links to Grants Home Page, due dates, and more.
  • Proposal Formatting Guides — Citations, Filenames, File Size, PDFs, Headers and Footers, Electronic Signatures and more.
  • Page Limits  — Page limits specified for attachments in grant applications, unless otherwise specified in the FOA.
  • Policies and Compliance — By accepting a grant award, grantees agree to comply with the requirements in the NIH Grants Policy Statement unless the notice of award states otherwise. Specific policy topic pages listed on the linked page expand upon this resource to provide additional context and resources.
  • ORCID ID Requirement – (NIH fellowship and Career Award applicants)
  • NIH Research & Training Resources
  • Georgia Tech submits NIH proposals via Cayuse.  For profile role assignment as either a PI/PD or Assist access, contact

Georgia Tech Resources and Guidance

Disclosing Active and Pending Support, Outside Activities, and Preventing Improper Foreign Influence

NIH Video Resources

  • NIH VideoCast —Broadcasts seminars, conferences and meetings live to a world-wide audience via YouTube