The Office of Sponsored Programs provides progressive and responsive assistance in several areas of research administration, including specialized educational, informational, and technological support to research administrators and faculty. OSP provides research faculty with full-service “cradle to grave” support and administration for research contracts and grants at Georgia Tech including the following sponsors:

  • All Federal Agencies
  • State and Local Governments
  • Universities
  • Federal Agency Pass-Through (regardless of type of pass-through entity)
  • Non-Profits (excluding private foundations) 

Services include review and interpretation of contract and grant requirements, determination of appropriate terms and conditions, and establishment of pre-contract agreements as well as the monitoring all active contracts and grants, including modification of existing agreements.

In addition, OSP undertakes the following activities to support the research community:

  • Provides assistance and guidance in identifying, reviewing, processing, and submitting formal proposals.
  • Offers educational opportunities in research administration to the campus community.
  • Provides internal training on research administration and Georgia Tech's lifecycle of awards. OSP's internal research administration certification program is offered at three levels (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) and is targeted to academic department administrators who perform pre- and post-award functions. Candidates for certification must successfully complete a series of workshops.
  • Oversees submission of all proposal and grant applications for sponsored research, other sponsored proposals, and instruction from GTRC, GTARC, and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Contracting Officers review proposals and cost estimates for compliance with sponsor requirements and Institute policies, and prepare the business portion of proposals. Contracting Officers serve as the sponsor’s point of contact for business matters, negotiate terms of the contract or grant, and sign, in conjunction with an officer of GTRC or GTARC, the resulting agreement.
  • Supports the Research Administration Buzz (RAB) quarterly meeting, which provides professional development and networking opportunities to departmental research administrators. RAB contributes to the development of policies and practices that fairly reflect the mutual interests and separate obligations of both departmental and central research administration.
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