Research Administration courses that cover the lifecycle of an award and include specific Georgia Tech policy, procedure, and resource information.

Training Roadmap/Course Descriptions                                                  Learning Management System (LMS)          

Basic Certification

What are GTRC & GTARC?Introduction to the Research Enterprise at Georgia TechMentor Panel Discussion and Networking

Recommended for those new to Georgia Tech research administration, as it provides the foundational knowledge needed to conduct research at Georgia Tech.

  • 1 Core Class and 1 Workshop required to achieve certification; 1 Discussion Panel Discussion/Networking Class suggested.

Intermediate Certification


Pre-Award Proposal Preparation and Submission

Pre-Award Budgeting, F&A, and Cost Principles

Pre-Award Activities

Post-Award Management & Financial Compliance

Post-Award Management & Research Compliance

Post-Award Activities

Internal Controls Workshop

2 CFR 200 Workshop (or) FAR Webinar Series

How To (topic specific)

Georgia Tech Systems

Sponsor Specific

Classes that cover the full lifecycle of the award with Georgia Tech specific policy and procedure details.

  • All 6 Core Classes, 2 Workshops and 1 class under each Elective topic required to achieve certification.

Advanced Certification


Internal Controls Workshop

2 CFR 200 Workshop (or) FAR Webinar Series

Advanced Topics: Rethinking the Status Quo

Advanced Topics: Audit Findings - Salary

Advanced Topics: Audit Findings - Effort

Advanced Topics: Allowable & Allocable

Advanced Topics: Advanced Budgeting

  • Core classes with hands-on activities, case studies and problem solving
  • Pre-requisites required prior to attending
  • Must complete four core classes