Internal Certification Programs

This page highlights research administration courses that are specific to operations at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Classes will be scheduled at least twice every Fall and Spring semester.

Basic Certification

1/2 day workshop between 10am - 3pm

Introduction to:

  • Georgia Tech Research Administration, award life cycle, acronyms, definitions and terminology
  • Georgia Tech's systems used by Research Administrators (RAs)
  • Mentor / Mentee Program — connects new hires with experienced RAs at the Institute. Mentors have served in the same role for 6 months or more.
    • New hires can then request to continue in the mentor program with the same person or request another mentor for an additional 6 months.


Intermediate Certification

Various training classes in 1.5 to 2.5 hour format:

  • Topics within the life cycle of an award and covering the Research Administrators Certification Council (RACC) Body of Knowledge content
  • In-depth training on the different GT Systems covered in the Basic Certification
  • Electives:
    • How to Communicate with Faculty
    • How to Work with Collaborators — On Campus or Externally
    • How to Handle “It Depends” Scenarios — Understanding Contexts for Decision Making and Processes
    • Sponsor-Specific Knowledge (NSF, NIH, DOD, DOE, NASA, etc.)
    • Best Practices
    • Lunch-n-Learn

NOTE:  Some classes will have prerequisites (offered in video format)


Advanced Certification

  • Hands-on activities, case studies and problem solving
  • Requires you to use the skills and knowledge learned from the Basic and Intermediate training.