Project closeout is an administrative process that is handled by a contracting specialist assigned to the OSP Closeout Team. The requirements for project closeout are established by contractual provisions and/or agency regulations. The OSP Closeout Team will ensure that all required closeout documents are submitted to the sponsor (i.e., final invoice, disclosures on patents and inventions, property, and security).


Thirty days prior to the end-of-performance date, an automatically generated e-mail is sent to the PI and department, notifying the PI that the project expires in 30 days.

  1. The PI is responsible for informing their OSP Contracting Officer if an extension will be requested.
  2. No action required by PI if project will expire at end-of-performance date.

Approximately thirty days after the end-of-performance date, an automatically generated e-mail is sent to the PI stating that project has passed its end of performance.

The project is closed by the OSP Closeout Team.

Reporting Requirements
  1. PI responds to closeout notice stating if there are inventions or discoveries associated with project.
  2. PI completes all deliverables (reports) for the project and uploads them to CIS.
  3. Final invoice/financial papers are completed by the Office of Grants & Contracts Accounting or GTRI Accounting.
  4. Property Report is prepared by Property Department.
  5. Classified Material Certificate is prepared by Security Department.

Closeout Documents flow down from the main project.

Termination of Project

The project is terminated when all obligations to the sponsor have been fulfilled