This page will be updated to reflect available information related to a Federal Government Shutdown.

Latest Updates to this page: February 1, 2024

The President signed a bill funding the government until March. The continuing resolution extends funding through March 1 for four of the 12 appropriation bills that make up the federal budget, and through March 8 for the other eight.  If an agreement is not reached by the new deadline, it will result in a government shutdown, which will affect many programs, including the federal contracting work performed by Georgia Tech. Currently, Georgia Tech receives more than $85 million per month of federal funding for its research activities.

“As we have anticipated in previous scenarios, most Institute operations would not be immediately affected. However, a prolonged federal shutdown would require measures to preserve cash and maintain campus operations,” said Jim Fortner, vice president for Finance and Planning and interim chief financial officer.


How Would a Federal Government Shutdown Affect Georgia Tech?

As a result of proactive financial planning, most Institute operations would not be immediately affected. The longer a shutdown lasts, the greater the likelihood that operational changes would be necessary.  

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Agency News and Contingency Plans


Proposal Submissions

Grants.Gov (we use Cayuse at Georgia Tech) and Research.Gov will be operational and accepting proposals if there is a shutdown.  Please proceed with your proposal submissions in a normal fashion. 


General Guidance During a Shutdown

  • Active grant and contract activity should continue but be mindful of your budget, particularly under contracts with limitation of funds or costs terms. 
  • Sponsors may decide not to allow application submissions.
  • Expect delays and lack of federal communications from affected agencies related to your proposals. It is possible that some websites may go dark. You should consider downloading or copying information that is important to your work in case it becomes unavailable.
  • Agency personnel may not be available for approvals, support or administrative functions.
  • Affected agencies may temporarily stop making payments.
  • The Office of Sponsored Programs will monitor the situation and communicate changes to federal and sponsor guidance. Check this website frequently.


Frequently Asked Questions

For other questions or assistance, please contact your OSP Contracting Officer:
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