Four Types of Agreements for U.S. Companies

Georgia Tech offers contract agreements that enable U.S. companies and our researchers to engage at all stages of R&D. These agreements offer straightforward intellectual property (IP) terms. Learn more about international research here.

We will work with you to determine which mechanism is right for you. View sample agreements here.

Agreement Type Purpose IP Terms
Basic Research

To explore fundamental challenges in a technical area 

Opportunity to license the resulting IP 

Applied Research

To explore a technology’s viability and overcome practical challenges 

To test a product during final stages of development 

Fee-based access to the resulting IP 

Exclusive field-of-use rights for specified time period can be extended or converted to non-exclusive license 


To improve existing technology during product development 

Exclusive rights to any improvements to company’s IP at no additional cost* 

Specialized Testing

To test new and existing products using Georgia Tech’s equipment 

Company owns all test results 

* If the improved IP was originally licensed from Georgia Tech, the terms and conditions of the original licensing agreement will be updated to include the improvement