CITI Online Training for Georgia Tech

For those who are required to complete online training provided by the CITI Program, please use the links below instead of going directly to the CITI Program's homepage.  This will help ensure that any CITI training completions are properly connected to Georgia Tech record systems and that you have an opportunity to review the specific instructions for the online course(s) that you are required to complete.

Important Notes about CITI Training

  • If you do go directly to the CITI Program site, be sure to click on "Log in via SSO" and then select "Georgia Institute of Technology".
  • If you do not have a GT login account, refer to the respective IRB, IACUC and RCR websites (above) for login instructions. 
  • If you have a CITI account and are not sure whether it is connected to your Georgia Tech credentials, click here for matching instructions. This will help ensure that your CITI course completions are properly logged in Georgia Tech’s systems.