Georgia Tech List of Disclosure Types with Brief Summations


Federal Agency Guidance Regarding Disclosures of Other Support (Current and Pending Support)

Regardless of the sponsor, information provided in Other/Current and Pending Support documents must be current, accurate, and complete.

Sponsors have varying expectations for disclosure of information in biosketch, current and pending, and other support documents.  To comply with federal law, federal agencies must require all individuals listed on an application for funding of research and development to:

  • disclose current and pending research support (sponsor definitions vary),
  • certify that the disclosure is current, accurate and complete, and
  • update such disclosures based on agency specific requirements.

They must also require the applying institution to certify that individuals listed on the application are aware of the requirements.  NSF implemented these requirements in its most recent Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide. Other sponsors are anticipated to implement requirements over the next few months.

You can download a high-level overview of the Federal Agency Disclosure Lifecycle using the button below.

Federal Agency Disclosure Lifecycle

Why is accurate and complete disclosure of research support and activities outside my Georgia Tech appointment important?
Council on Governmental Relations (COGR) - Research Ethics and Compliance Committee Guidance Report


Federal Agency Guidance 

National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • NSF Pre- and Post-Award Disclosures Relating to the Biographical Sketch and Current and Pending (Other) Support
  • For proposals submitted or due on or after January 30, 2023, PI/PDs and senior personnel must certify their NSF Current and Pending Support documents. The certification will be included in both SciENcv and the NSF fillable format.
    • Starting October 23, 2023, SciENcv is required for preparation of Current and Pending Support. Until then, proposers may use either the NSF-fillable PDF or SciENcv to prepare Current and Pending Support.
  • NSF is also requiring a certification for Biographical Sketches
  • For additional OSP resources and guidance regarding NSF submissions click HERE and review the NSF Resources section.
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Department of Defense (DOD)
Department of Energy (DOE)
  • DOE employees and funding recipients are subject to limitations on participation in foreign talent recruitment programs of countries determined sensitive by DOE.
  • The DOE has released an order and FAQs to implement this memo.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  • NASA Guidebook for proposers responding to a NASA Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)
  • Section 2.16 Current and Pending Support:  PIs and Co-PIs shall provide all ongoing and pending projects and proposals (regardless of salary support) in which they are performing or will perform any part of the work. Co-PIs proposing to spend 10 percent or more of their time in any given year to the proposed effort shall provide a list of ongoing and pending projects and proposals (regardless of salary support) that require more than 10 percent of their time in any given year. Proposals do not need to include the current proposal on the list of pending proposals unless it has been submitted in response to another funding opportunity (i.e., NASA or another sponsor). 
  • Section 2.2.1 – PIs and Co-PIs also shall list their current and pending support with Chinese universities and other similar institutions or a Chinese-owned company at the prime recipient level and at all subrecipient levels, whether the bilateral involvement is funded or performed under a no-exchange of funds arrangement.
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)


Please see Georgia Tech's Protecting Your Research webpage for more information.