Welcome to GTCrossroads Research Portal

GTCrossroads is the research administration web portal for Georgia Tech researchers, faculty, and staff. The portal centralizes and streamlines all GT web systems to make it easy to access administration tools. All web tools and systems appear the same, but now they are centrally located and accessed through GTCrossroads. For example, the contract information system is accessed via the Apps tab, as is WebWISE.

How to Access GTCrossroads

Login to GTCrossroads with your Georgia Tech login and password for access to your administration tools (the same way signing in to a smartphone provides access to apps).

How to Use GTCrossroads

  • My Pages: Formerly "My Research Portal" and now integrated into GTCrossroads, provides a quick, customizable look into the data needed to support research administration activities
  • Apps: Connects to the tools and systems required for research administration tasks
  • Reports: Provides easy access to reports to aid effective research administration
  • My Tasks: Offers a comprehensive and quick view of all tasks awaiting action, such as deliverables, training classes, expenses/receipts, and more
  • Services: Links to key services that support research administration activities, especially useful in identifying apps needed to achieve objectives

Contact the OSP training office with questions.