PI/PD Responsibilities for Subawards

Pre-AwardPost-AwardInvoicing Review
*Identify need for SubrecipientRequest Grant Line / Charge Code from accounting representative to support Subaward transactionConfirm invoice contain sufficient detail as required by the Subagreement

*Determine and document the appropriate relationship type: Subrecipient /Contractor (Vendor)/Consultant

Note: Documentation is to be maintained in accordance with USG record retention policy

Required: Provide suitable Statement of Work, Budget, a cost price analysis, Memo of Selection, and Signed Request Form*Confirm invoiced amount is reasonable in comparison to Subrecipient's technical performance and payment of the invoice will be an allocable, allowable, reasonable, and consistently treated charge to the GT-sponsored project
Request Letter of Support, Statement of Work (SoW), Budget/Justification, and/or other relevant documentation from potential SubrecipientSubmit request to OSP Subawards to issue a new SubawardReview any detailed information required by the subaward agreement and address any issues, such as significant differences between invoiced expenditure categories and Subrecipient’s budget
Determine contract type, as supported by the statement of work and the Prime award terms and conditions (to be subsequently validated by CO)Recommended: Provide Letters of Support, Budget Justification (as applicable), Compliance DocumentsConfirm the total cumulative costs incurred is listed on the invoice
Perform cost analysis or analyze costs on travel, labor and materials against Statement of Work  for reasonablenessManaging project progress and documentation of applicable deliverablesConfirm the F & A amount calculated correctly on the invoice and in accordance with the Subrecipient’s budget
Include Subrecipient in proposal (with required/relevant documentation)Contact Subawards Team early with concerns about subcontractor performance and possible early termination of SubawardIf there are any cost-sharing commitments associated with this Subagreement, confirm they are included on the invoice, documented as required by the Subagreement, and meet the required commitment
Submit proposal to OSP CO / Complete relevant proposal approvalsSubmit a modification to the Subawards Team for any changes in the originally agreed upon terms such as period of performance*Final Invoice: GT PI has received and reviewed reasonably sufficient progress reports and deliverables (if required) from Subrecipient before approval 
Inform Subrecipient of Pre-Award Checklist for SubrecipientsCommunicate with Subawards Team to submit budget changes/reallocations to the sponsor for review and approval, if required*Final Invoice: Confirm all cost-sharing requirements have been met
  *Final Invoice: Confirm the final technical, inventions, and property reports required by the prime award have been received

* These PI/PD responsibilities may not be delegated to supporting staff

For Subaward Support

If you require assistance with subawards, please reach out to subrecipientmonitoring@osp.gatech.edu or see the Subawards and Consulting Agreements Staff Directory.