After the proposal has been prepared and routed for signatures, it is ready to be submitted to the funding agency. This may be done electronically or via regular mail, depending on the sponsor's requirements. The Contracting Officer (CO) will submit the proposal on the researcher's behalf for the majority of applications.  If the sponsor's submission system has different requirements, the CO must still have reviewed and approved final documents prior to submission.  Your CO is the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) legally authorized to approve proposals, negotiate and accept awards.   The PI or PD is not considered an authorizing official and cannot legally sign award documents.

Submission deadlines:

  • Electronic Submission Policy: Proposals that are to be submitted electronically need to be ready for delivery to the sponsor 24 hours prior to submission deadline. The electronic proposal must be submitted to your CO for review at least three (3) days prior to the submission deadline.

Once a proposal has been submitted to the sponsor, you can track your proposal's status through GTCrossroads. There are two areas of GTCrossroads specific to OSP:

You will need your Georgia Tech username and password to login — these are the same credentials you use to log into most password protected websites or systems at Georgia Tech.