OSP person imageOur new Contract Management System is LIVE !

As of Aug 14th,  Contracting Officers and other OSP Points of Contact will have a more modern and efficient Contract Management System.  Please be patient as we are still learning our new system & processes while continuing to provide you with contract management services. 

How will this impact you?  D2 Impacted User Groups
Help Desks: to submit your questions, request assistance, and/or report an issue
  1. For OSP users  cm-support@gtri.gatech.edu
  2. For Non OSP users erouting-support@gtri.gatech.edu or esd-support@gtri.gatech.edu

The OSP user will use Contract Management in Costpoint to execute all contract management business processes.  These business processes will interface with eRouting. 

NON-OSP users will see changes in eRouting that support the new processes, depending on their access. The Non-OSP users affected are GT RI/PIs, RAs and GTRI PDs/PIs, RAs, those that work on proposals, contracts, subagreements, etc... 

The goal is a more efficient, transparent and time saving contract management process for both OSP users and NON-OSP end users.

Where can Contracting Officers, Contracting Specialists and other OSP users find training & demos? 

You can find demos, user guides, team-specific training, & other supplemental training materials in our Learning Management System: OSP CMS Training 

What is the Contract Management Project?

Many of our systems are sun setting or need updating.  With this opportunity, our team, OSP & GTRI-ESD, is reviewing, re-engineering, standardizing and streamlining processes in the Contract Management lifecycle. 

Our purpose is to digitize the contract management processes from end to end.  This includes: data organization, streamlining and standardization of processes, trackable statuses, analytical reports.
By the end of the project, more than six systems will have changed as well as multiple tools, business processes and ways of working.

How will we do this?

We have partnered with Deltek, a global provider of software and solutions for project-based businesses.  We are expanding our use of their Costpoint platform to build the Contract Management Functionality. 

Who are the key stakeholders?

Executive Sponsor Product Owners Delivery Implementation Leads Change Management
Cindy Hope, OSP Kendall Crosby, OSP, D1-Exchange Agreement David Rimmer, D1 Project Director GTRI-ESD Deanna Hendrickson, OSP
Chris D'Urbano, OSP, D2 Kennedy Oyoo, D2 Project Director GTRI-ESD

Deanna Hendrickson, OSP

Penny Soteres, GTRI-PMO






Key Contract Management Project Information
Main Deliverables Systems Changing by Deliverable   D2 Timeline and Status Update
OSP CMS Training Frequently Asked Questions   D2 Impacted User Groups

Please anticipate delays in OSP services and be patient with Contracting Officers and other OSP Points of Contact as all will be learning to use a more modern and efficient Contract Management System while continuing to provide you with contract management services GOING LIVE on August 14, 2023!

How can I participate in a user group for requirements?

Send your request to training@osp.gatech.edu to submit feedback and/or request for participation in D3 phase.

How can I find out more?

Please contact training@osp.gatech.edu