Our new Contract Management System is LIVE !

As of August 14, 2023, the new Contract Management System is live. OSP users are now using the Contract Management module in Costpoint to execute all contract management business processes.  These business processes interface seamlessly with eRouting.

No more manual re-keying of proposals!!

Contracting Officers, Contracting Specialists and other OSP users can find demos, user guides, team specific training & other supplemental training materials in Saba QuestLMS  OSP CMS Training.  See contact info below for other questions.

Help Desks: to submit your questions, request assistance, and/or report an issue
  1. For OSP users  cm-support@gtri.gatech.edu
  2. For Non-OSP users erouting-support@gtri.gatech.edu or esd-support@gtri.gatech.edu
Where are we now?

Kick-off was on February 2024.  OSP in collaboration with GTRI and OIT is now working the following plan:



Target Go-Live

New Subagreement Module

The existing CIS subagreement module is 20+ years old. We need to do a technology upgrade and add features functions to bring this system into the 21st century

January 2025

Business Process Improvements

The team is looking across all business processes around Contract Management to see what can be improved

June 2025 – enhancements will be made and deployed when ready. 

Re-designed Data Warehouse 

The re-designed data warehouse structure will support advanced reporting capabilities

June 2025

Enhance eRouting with CIS functionality

Retire CIS and move all functionality into modules of eRouting

June 2025

Teaming AgreementsAdding functionality to both eRouting and OSP’s Contract Management System to initiate and track teaming agreements that will then allow for seamless transition into formal proposals within both systems.June 2025
Who are the key stakeholders?
Executive Sponsors Product OwnersDelivery Implementation LeadsChange Management

Cindy Hope, OSP

Raj Vuchatu, GTRI-CIO

Kim Toatley, GTRI-CFO


Chris D'Urbano, OSP 

Kadean Khan, OSP

Tamika Griffin, GTRI-SPS

Jerri Gladney, Project Director GTRI-ESD

David Thomas,  Project Director OIT-ERP

Deanna Hendrickson, OSP

Penny Soteres, GTRI-PMO







Systems Changing by Deliverable

Systems Changing


Key Contract Management Project Information
D3 Kick-Off February 2nd - Presentation Slides (PDF)
D3 Kick-Off February 2nd - Recording 
Systems Changing by Deliverable (PDF)
D3 Impacted User Groups (TBD)
Frequently Asked Questions
 Project Status Updates
D3 Bi-Weekly Status Update - 07-12-2024
D3 Bi-Weekly Status Update - 06-28-2024
D3 Bi-Weekly Status Update - 06-01-2024
D3 Bi-Weekly Status Update - 05-18-2024
D3 Bi-Weekly Status Update - 05-05-2024
D3 Bi-Weekly Status Update - 04-21-2024
How can I participate in a user group for requirements?

Send your request to training@osp.gatech.edu to submit feedback and/or request for participation in D3 phase.

How can I find out more?

Please contact training@osp.gatech.edu