Requesting a Subagreement

Please make a request for a Subagreement via the Subagreement system at using the following instructions.

  • Use your Georgia Tech Account user ID and password to access the system
  • From Subagreement site map click on "Make a Request for a New Subagreement"
  • Prior to making a request, you will need to request a grant line/charge code from your financial representative to support the transaction.
  • Query on the sponsored research project “AWD #”.
  • Use the web based form to provide OSP the needed information to issue the subaward.
  • Complete the technical cost analyst question and upload the statement of work, budget and other relevant documents.
  • After completing the fields and uploading the required documents, "Submit to OSP"
  • FAX or e-mail signed copy of the request form to OSP. FAX (404)385-0864.

What is a Subaward?

A subaward may be required if part of the research effort under a sponsored project is to be performed by an outside organization or institution. The subagreement defines the scope of work, provides an itemized budget and budget justification, and outlines the terms and conditions under which the work will be completed. It also ensures that the subrecipient complies with sponsor requirements.

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) manages all subagreements with other institutions. Subcontracts should be set up as soon as possible after the receipt of an award.

Subaward Video Support and Workday Demonstrations

Click here for additional resources supporting Subawards and Georgia Tech's transition to Workday.

Subawards:  What is Changing with Workday?

Demonstration: Create a New Subagreement (Subaward) Request in Contract Information System (CIS)

Demonstration: Subaward Purchase Orders (Review and Approve)

Demonstration: Subaward Invoice Process

The Principal Investigator will be responsible for providing oversight of the subcontract including:

  • Monitoring the technical performance of the subcontractor
  • Verifying that required cost sharing is properly documented
  • Approving the invoices for payment

Please notify your subaward CO if any questions or concerns arise, including (1) a subcontractor needs additional time or funds, (2) disputes over performance of the agreed statement of work, etc.